Beth Israel Congregation - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dues Schedule

Fiscal Year 2019-2020/5780
(July 1 – June 30)

I. Annual Membership Dues – Fair Share System
Using the following table, we ask you assess yourself on the basis of your household income. Your Fair Share contribution, based on your ability to pay, helps to maintain the quality of our Congregation’s many activities, and is fully tax deductible. Our synagogue community is the bedrock on which a meaningful Jewish identity is founded, celebrated, and passed on to the next generation.

Beth Israel is proud to welcome all regardless of finances. If the below is not comfortable for you, please contact our Executive Director, Lisabeth Lobenthal, at or (734) 665-9897 Financial discussions are confidential.

Dues cover all basic synagogue activities, including attendance at High Holiday services. School tuition is separate. The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism dues are an additional assessment and is deducted from the first dues payment.

Suggested Membership Dues Pledges

Your Household Income
Dues Pledge
for Beth Israel
<$10,000 – $20,000as able and up to $225*
$21,000 – $30,000$420-$600**
$31,000-$40,000$620 – $800+ $74.50
$41,000-$50,000$820 – $1,000+ $74.50
$51,000-$60,000$1,020 – $1,200+ $74.50
$61,000-$80,000$1,220 – $1,600+ $74.50
$81,000-$100,000$1,620 – $2,000+ $74.50
$101,000-$125,000$2,020 – $2,500+ $74.50
$126,000-$150,000$2,520 – $3,000+ $74.50
$151,000-$175,000$3,020 – $3,500+ $74.50
$176,000-$200,000$3,520 – $4,000+ $74.50
$201,000-$225,000$4,020 – $4,500+ $74.50
$226,000-$250,000$4,520 – $5,000+ $74.50
$251,000-$275,000$5,020 – $5,500+ $74.50
$276,000-$300,000+$5,520 – $6,000++ $74.50
* No United Synagogue dues are assessed for BIC dues pledges up to $190.
** $37.25 United Synagogue dues are assessed for BIC dues pledges from $190-$499; Deducted from first payment.
$74.50 United Synagogue dues are assessed for BIC dues pledges of $500+. Deducted from first payment.

II. Building & Infrastructure Fund Assessment
: a $2,000 assessment is payable starting in the second year of membership. Payment may be made in installments over ten years, depending on circumstances, or as a single lump sum payment of $1,600 during the second year of membership.

III. Religious School Registration Fee per Child per Year*

Gan Katan$155
K – 1$515
2 – 5$875
6$980 (includes special program fees)
7th grade$980 (includes special program fees)
8th grade$590
9 – 12 (High School Program)$385

*subject to change


The Beth Israel Fiscal Year

The synagogue fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30. Statements are sent out monthly. An initial payment must accompany the pledge form.  All pledges must be paid in full by June 30th.


These fees support the actual synagogue operations for the current year, including Rabbinic, administrative, office and maintenance staff, upkeep of the facilities, the religious school operation not covered by school fees, religious ritual items, Hashaliach, and mailings, among other things.

Building & Infrastructure Fund

The Building & Infrastructure Fund is assessed automatically to all new members after one year of membership, and is billed to those members who have not completed their obligation. Members are asked to submit at least $200 each year. The Building & Infrastructure Fund supports major facility upgrades and improvements not covered in the annual budget. This may include roofing, heating/air conditioning repair, repainting, planning costs, and other large ticket items.

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism Dues

The United Synagogue supports the efforts of individual synagogues in adult and youth programming and continuing education. The United Synagogue offers national training programs for synagogue board and lay leadership, national and regional youth programs, and a variety of programs for youth and adults in Israel. Congregants are assessed a certain fee based on the number of members and their dues. About 43% of the funds are used by the regional office of United Synagogue.

The Synagogue Funds

Dues cover only the minimal annual costs, and do not  include the full costs of running a synagogue. Contributions to the various Funds enable the Synagogue to go from adequate to excellent. Charitable donations underwrite adult educational programs and youth activities, provide for scholarships for the Religious School and educational trips to Israel, help the indigent, and provide for cemetery landscaping and improvements to our building’s accessibility, among other worthy projects.  They also can be designated to purchase a variety of important items such as additional prayer books, flowers, books for the library, and kitchen equipment.

Please consider making frequent donations to our Synagogue’s funds in an area of your interest.