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Book of Esther Dedications

Megillat Esther: Book of Esther Dedication Form    

The new Rabbinical Assembly Book of Esther Purim service book is easy to read with a beautiful translation and commentaries that reflect new Rabbinic voices. 

We invite you to dedicate copies of our new Book of Esther for the congregation ($12 per book). This contribution is tax deductible. Please fill out the form below.  To dedicate more than five books, this form may be submitted multiple times. 

At this time we are not offering personal copies.

Please contact the office if you have any questions or difficulties with this form.

Books Presented to Beth Israel Congregation (Tax-Deductible)

I would like the Book Plate(s) to contain the following information:
Please choose how many books you would like to dedicate to Beth Israel and fill out the fields below.
Sat, December 9 2023 26 Kislev 5784