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Passover at Beth Israel

First Night Seder with the Caine Family Saturday March 27 @ 8:00PM on Zoom

Join Rav Nadav and his family on Zoom for the first seder.  Registration required to join. Be a part of the seder! Indicate on the form that you'd like to participate and Amanda will reach out to work with you to read from the haggadah or incorporate something pre-recorded.

The Beth Israel Jammin Music Youtube Second Seder

Download the haggadah here! Prepare to laugh, sing, and be surprised! Neil Alexander, a full band, and a lot of celebration. We will broadcast vSunday March 28 @ 6:00 PM on Youtube

Prepare to laugh, sing, and be surprised! Neil Alexander, a full band, and a lot of celebration. We will broadcast Sunday March 28 @ 6:00 PM on Youtube

Download the haggadah here! (If you would like a paper copy, call the office and they'll print one for you to pick up.)  You provide the dinner!

Click here to download a copy of the Yizkor Booklet.




Make Your Own Matzah from Scratch:  [Already happened] You'll need a large bowl, mixing spoon, 2-3 cups of flour, water, parchment paper, a baking tray, rolling pin and pastry brush.

Chopped: Passover Edition: Open to ALL AGES, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM or 6PM on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. Sign up HERE to compete against others in your age group to make a delicious, creative dish with a Passover-inspired secret ingredient!  Participants will need to pick up their secret ingredient from BIC by Friday, March 26 (the secret ingredient will be sealed and must stay that way until instructed to open at the event). Each group will have 50 minutes to complete their dish. Participants will then share what they made with the group. Questions? Get in touch with Amanda.

Community-Wide Afikomen Hunt

Make your way to different Jewish spots around Ann Arbor to look for afikomen; a small box wrapped in matzoh wrapping paper, hidden at each location, with instructions to take you to the next spot. Start your journey by solving this clue (or putting in the GPS location into a location device): Established in 1916, this was the first synagogue in the country to elect a female president. Geo-location: 42.35338930077819, -83.71704473348642   Hunt for these afikomen from Sunday March 28 - Sunday April 4, 2021.  Brought to you by Beth Israel Congregation, Ann Arbor JCC, Ann Arbor Orthodox Minyan, Ann Arbor Reconstructionist Congregation, the Federation of Greater Ann Arbor, Hebrew Day School, Hillel, Jewish Family Services and Temple Beth Emeth.

Siyyum, Pesach Prep, Kitniyot & Selling Chametz

Selling your Chametz: To sell your chametz to Rabbi Caine, click here .

Siyyum: 8:00am. Rabbi Dobrusin Leads Shacharit and Teaches a Siyyum To Break the Fast of the Firstborn. [Already happened]

Rabbinical Assembly Pesah Guide 5781: This guide is intended to help families maintain a kosher for Pesah home in accordance with the principles of Conservative Judaism and its understanding of Jewish Law. Click here.

One Video on Kashering Kitchen and Another Video on Kashering Your Kitchen.

Download Instructions for Bedikat/Biur Chametz (the afikomen-like search for chametz and the nullification declaration).

Rabbi Caine's Note about Kitniyot (Beans, Rice, Soy and Legumes):

Chametz (leavened grain) is any product made with any amount of wheat, barley, oats, rye, or spelt, or their derivatives, that is not matzah (and so has possibly leavened). The mishnah, Talmud, and the major medieval Jewish legal codes all agree that kitniyot are kosher for Passover, but nevertheless the Ashkenazic custom developed of avoiding rice, beans, nuts, corn, and soy (kitniyot) based on notions of their flour leavening (which they do not) and of concerns of cross contamination with forbidden grains in the marketplace. The Conservative Movement has ruled that such concerns are unjustified (but that Ashkenazim may preserve these customs if they choose) and so rice, beans, nuts, corn and soy are kosher for passover without a passover heksher and may be eaten during Passover as long as they are purchased before Passover so that any accidental chametz is nullified during the Bedikat/Biur Chametz ceremony on Erev Pesach. (In halakhic language: the nullification of 1/60 contamination applies before Pesach but not during.) In such a case, it is essential one recite the nullification declaration on the morning before Pesach which can be found here.

Downloadable Haggadot:

Through Parted Waters:

Metro-Detroit Community-Wide Pesach Learning, March 15, 2021, 6:45 pm - 8:15 pm with our own Rabbi Dobrusin along with Rabbis from the Metro Detroit Jewish Community. [Already happened.]

Download Hadar’s 5781 Pesah Reader - With Torah and insights from Hadar faculty members, Hadar’s 5781 Pesah Reader brings to light the many afikoman jewels hidden within the Passover story. And click here for more programming.


The Jammin' Music Second Seder

Fair Trade Chocolate

The gift of freedom that our people received generations ago bestows upon us the obligation to work for the liberation of all people. We are each endowed with "a strong hand and outstretched arms." Let us use them to extend freedom to others by purchasing chocolate that does not depend on forced and child labor. Purchase HERE.

Tue, January 25 2022 23 Shevat 5782