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Zoom Honors and Service Order

Rabbi Caine will customize the following honors in a shared Google doc unique to your bar/t mitzvah.  Here is the template:

YES/NO:  *Tallit Blessing (page 62) and putting on of the Tallit
YES/NO:  *Page 139 Ein Kamokha solo to the bottom of the page.
YES/NO:  *Page 140 Bei Ana Racheitz if can be done accurately solo.
YES/NO:  *Page 140 Shema, Echad Eloheinu, Gadlu.  (The “congregational repetition” of each line will be done by family on the same screen or by Rabbi Caine)
YES/NO:  *Page 141 Lkha Adonai Hagdula
TORAH READINGS: Which Torah readings will be covered by the teen and your relatives?

HEALING BLESSING:  Any names the Rabbi should add?

Teen leads:  Introduction to the Haftarah, Blessing Before Haftarah, Haftarah, then Blessing After Haftarah.  We sing Siman Tov and then Teen reads the D’var Torah.
YES/NO:  *Charge from Parent(s) + (optional) Priestly Blessing of Parent(s) to Teen [p. 119]
YES/NO: *Yekum Purkan (148)
[Honor] Prayer for Our Country (148):
[Honor] Prayer for Israel in Hebrew (149):
[Honor] Prayer for Israel in English (149):
[Honor] Prayer for Peace (149):
[Additional Reading Honors]:

YES/NO: *Ashrei 151  (All by teen, or duet with Rav Nadav, or duet with another family member)
YES/NO: *153 Yehallu and Mizmor L’David
YES/NO: *154 Etz Chayim Hee
Rabbi’s Remarks
YES/NO: Teen leads Musaf Prayers  155-181
YES/NO: Ein Keloheinu 182
YES/NO: Aleinu 183
Rabbi:  Mourner’s Kaddish 184:  Do you wish the Rabbi to add names of relatives?
Adon Olam 187:

Tue, April 13 2021 1 Iyyar 5781