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Adult Education

Our extensive adult education program features lectures on the latest research in Jewish studies, text study in Bible and Talmud, and prominent visiting lecturers. The biennial Alfred and Alice Rosenberg Adult Scholar in Residence lecture series offers a weekend of lectures by a prominent nationally known scholar.

We run an extensive program of Adult Hebrew classes. Small classes with personalized attention provide students with beginning skills a place to grow in prayerbook or conversation skills, and classes at the highest levels provide opportunities for our fluent members to read literature and discuss current events.

Current Classes

Tea and Torah with Rabbi Caine
Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.

Rabbi Caine leads us through examing the Torah text and the questions we've received about it from Rabbinic tradition and from scholarship generate thoughts and ideas that we can apply directly to our lives.  We are presently in Genesis and continue in no rush as give the text the attention it deserves.

Talmud Study with Rabbi Dobrusin
Mondays at 3:00 p.m.

Rabbi Dobrusin teaches Talmud class online on Monday afternoons from 3:30-4:30. While we will read the Hebrew/Aramaic text, translations are available and all discussions will be in English. All are welcome to join regardless of the level of your familiarity with Hebrew. Check the calendar for exact dates by clicking here
Zoom Link: click here
English - November

Hebrew - November

Pirke Avot: Teachings of the Sages
Thursdays, 5 p.m.

Rabbi Dobrusin facilitates “Zoom” discussions on the classic Rabbinic text: Pirkei Avot. While the title is usually translated as “Teachings of the Sages”, a more interesting translation is "Chapters of Fundamental Principles." Pirkei Avot consists of short rabbinic statements concerning ethics, faith and interpersonal relationships. Reading Pirke Avot helps us focus on the values and principles which guide our lives. We will study the text in English referring occasionally to the Hebrew. The text can be found in the Shabbat morning Sim Shalom siddur. Check the calendar for exact dates by clicking here
Zoom Link: click here
Pirke Avot 259-263
Pirke Avot Chapter 3 & 4

Intro to Judaism with Rav Nadav
Biweekly on Sundays at 1:00 p.m.

Though directed at people who are considering conversion, this serious examination of the main dimensions of Judaism -from mysticism to Talmud to Jewish Holidays and rituals - is open to anyone who wants to deepen their Jewish literacy. This course is open to members and non-members. Contact the office for details.  Class videos and topics may be found here

Upcoming Classes

From Electric Cars to Panera:  Contemporary Issues in Jewish Law Lunch N Learn

Biweekly on Saturday Following Shabbat Services

From the kashrut of eating in restaurants to electric cars and Zoom on Shabbat, Rabbi Caine brings traditional Jewish legal codes and responsa to have us consider "Jewish Law" thoughtfully and elucidate the issues of living Jewishly in our modern lives.  Biweekly (through May) following Saturday services on February 20, March 6 and 20, April 3 and 17, and May 1 and 29.

On-Line Learning Resources

There are so many outstanding resources for learning beyond our walls on-line.  These are but a few suggestions for resources.

Please contact the office for Scholarstream Couponcode.

Scholarstream.    Beth Israel is a sponsor of ScholarStream, a series of courses from top scholars of the Conservative movement from its leading institutions to engage deeply with our texts and traditions.

Collaborative Series:

What should Zionism look like in an era of a confident and strong Jewish state? Can the various flavors of Judaism’s enduring focus on the Land of Israel translate into a new Zionist ethos? Join JTS, the RA, the Schechter Institutes and Ziegler for a collaborative ScholarStream series, in which teachers representing each institution will explore these and other questions—re-examining some of Zionism’s key ideas, moments, and challenges, from its earliest origins and into the 21st century. Click here for full details and to register.

All 4 classes will take place on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT.

  • April 21: Zionist Thought: Classical Theories and Current Dilemmas (JTS) with Dr. Arnold M. Eisen, Professor of Jewish Thought and Chancellor Emeritus, JTS 
  • April 28: Everywhere I Go! Affirming our Rootedness in Zion and the Earth (Ziegler) with Rabbi Dr. Bradley Shavit Artson, Abner and Roslyn Goldstine Dean's Chair, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies
  • May 5: Religion and State in Israel: A Zionist Dilemma (Schechter) with Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin, President, Schechter Institutes, Inc.
  • May 12: Topic TBA (RA) with Rabbi Lauren Berkun, Vice President, Rabbinic Initiatives, Shalom Hartman Institute of North America.

Jewish Theological Seminary.    Click here for Courses and also click on their website under "Learning" to see all their offerings.

American Jewish University.  Top scholars from the Ziegler School as well as the university offering a wide range of outstanding courses.  Click here.

Hadar.  From Talmud to inspirational music and liturgy, Hadar has outstanding learning opportunities.  Click here.

The Conservative Yeshivah in Jerusalem.  Great learning.  Click here.

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