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BIRS Policies & Procedures

The 2023/2024 Parent Need to Know Document can be found here and will be updated for the following school year by August 1st, 2024.  A summary is below:

Policies & Procedures for Beth Israel Religious School (BIRS)
Last Updated 9/2023


  • If your student is not feeling well in any way, please do not send them to school.

  • Students must be fever free (no medication) for 24 hours before returning to BIRS.

  • If a student is not feeling well during school hours, a parent or guardian will be contacted to pick them up early.

Drop Off & Pick Up

  • We have a drop off/pick up line at the BIRS entrance on the lower level on the Austin Street side of the building.

  • Cars will enter at the last Beth Israel driveway, near the playground, and pull up towards the sidewalk as far as they can.

  • Cars should turn around and wait in the neighborhood, not back up towards Washtenaw Avenue. A traffic backup on Washtenaw is very dangerous.

  • While waiting in the car-line, please leave the cross-walks and side-walks open/clear for pedestrians.

  • When it is time for dismissal the Director or Assistant will ask parents for their child's name and call them via walkie talkie.

  • If another parent/friend/family member will be picking up your child, please alert the director via email ( or text (734-476-0840).

  • If you prefer to park and then pick-up your child, please come to the door side of the school instead of standing on the grass section by the street. This is a safety precaution, specifically to prevent students running/walking through the moving car pick up line to meet parents.

  • To pick up your student early, please come to the lower level BIRS entrance and ring the doorbell. Security will contact the Director or Assistant who will retrieve your child from their classroom.

  • Any child who is going to walk or ride a bike home must have parent/guardian’s permission to do so, and must be old enough to be mindful and careful while walking/biking past the pick-up car line. Email the director if your child will walk or bike.

  • High School program pick up and drop off is the same as for the rest of BIRS if the scheduled meeting is at the same time as BIRS and held at BIRS.

Cell Phones

  • In general, we ask that students do not use their cell phones during class hours, including break times.

  • If cell phones are seen, student will be asked to put them away. If a cell phone is seen after that, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.

  • There may be times that a teacher asks a student to pull out a phone if they have one, that is acceptable on a case by case basis.

Behavior Concerns

  • We are committed to maintaining positive relationships with students while facilitating communication, reflection and restoration.

  • Situations arising in class are handled using reminders, redirection, solution-focused 1 on 1 conferences, and/or guided, conflict resolution (when involving more than one student).

  • If there has been a behavior concern, the teacher or Lynne Caine will call the parent that day, or have a quick, in-person conversation at pick-up.

  • In rare cases, we may request the parent come inside at pick-up time for a quick meeting, or request a solution-focused conference with the parent, teacher and student be scheduled.

Snacks and Water

  • A light, hechshered, and nut-free snack will be provided during school hours.

  • If your student requires more than a light snack, please send them with a kosher, nut-free snack.

  • Please send your child with a water bottle. Cups will not be put out for students, but they may drink from their water bottles during class and/or can use the drinking fountain during break.

School Cancelation

  • School may be canceled due to inclement weather, or other circumstances.

  • As a general rule, we follow Ann Arbor Public Schools. If AAPS is closed for the day due to inclement weather, BIRS will also be closed.

  • If BIRS closes on a Sunday, we will notify all parents via email.

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