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Prayers Before Surgery or a Medical Procedure

Grant wisdom and skill to the mind and hands of those who perform the procedure upon me, and those who assist them. Grant that I may experience  fullness of life and wholeness of strength, not for my sake alone but for those about me. Enable me to live my days on earth with dignity and purpose.

Also, traditionally one says The Traveler's Prayer for all situations under the umbrella of being about to traverse an uncertain terrain.  The terrain may be medical, and the "enemy" may be a disease or bodily challenge.  We pray to come out the other side safe and whole:

May it be Your will, my God, that You lead me towards peace, direct my steps toward peace, support me toward peace, and rescue me from the hand of any enemy or ambush on the way, and send blessing upon my handiwork, and give me favor, generosity and mercy in Your eyes and the eyes of all who see me.

Another Prayer Before Surgery:

O God, Source of all healing, Guardian of Israel, watch over me as I undergo surgery. 
Bless all involved in the healing process, be their domain physical, emotional, or spiritual.
Grant me strength and vigor. Spread over me Your shelter of peace. Support me in facing fear; fill me with the courage to greet life anew. Raise me up from the darkness to the light, from weakness to strength, from sickness to health, for into Your hands do I place my spirit. Praised are You, Adonai, Healer of Israel.


A Prayer for After Surgery:

O God, I offer thanks, before You, at this hour,
with the knowledge that I have safely
emerged from surgery, through You, God, for restoring 
myself; for turning my fear into relief.
Bless me with strength and vigor. May my health
be speedily restored. Praised are You, Adonai, Healer of Israel. 


For additional prayers, click here for a pdf download.

Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784