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Participate in Services and Get to Know Ron

Service participation and especially Torah and Haftarah reading are important parts of Shabbat and holiday services at Beth Israel. New readers are always welcome. You can make an important contribution to the Beth Israel community by signing up. Experienced, intermediate, and beginning readers all participate.  For those moving to the area, this is a wonderful way to get involved in the Beth Israel community.

We are fortunate to have Ron Sussman, our Ritual Assistant, on staff.  Ron can help you sign up to participate, or you can sign up through  Ron also provides instruction, both tapes of readings and tropes, and direct one-on-one instruction.  Simply reach out and contact Ron Sussman.

Join Our Torah Team and Reserve your Assignments!

In addition to communicating with Ron, we also use an electronic sign-up system through to reserve a Torah reading, Haftarah, and Service Parts (including Pesukei DeZimrah, Shacharit, Musaf, and Prayers for Our Country, Israel, and Peace).

You can begin by registering with our team:

  1. Go to the Torah Readers registration page (or and click on the "member registration" link at the top of the page).
  2. From the registration page, select Beth Israel at the bottom of the dropdown list.
  3. Enter your email, define a password, first-name and last-name and accept the terms and conditions and click the register button.
  4. Your registration, now pending, will be approved shortly.  This part can be confusing, but you can likely begin using the system the next day or you'll receive an email earlier that you have been approved.  .
  5. From this point on, log in through through the link (the Login menu option from the main page).  Make sure you select Beth Israel through the dropdown. 
  6. Once in the system, check the "Keep me Logged In" checkbox.  This helps a lot.


Once you're logged in, regularly click on the options "Reserve a Reading" to sign up for a Torah reading or Haftarah assignment, and "Reserve an Assignment" to sign up for a service leading part or reading:

To reserve a Torah or Haftarah reading, click on “Reserve a Reading,” which has a heart icon.

To reserve Pesukei DeZimra, Shacharit, Prayer for Our Country, Prayer for Israel, Prayer for Peace, or Musaf, click on “Reserve an Assignment,” which has a bookmark icon.

Of course, please be flexible -- sometimes we have last minute requests to participate for special reasons.  If we need to reassign your assignment, we'll contact you directly to discuss.

Tue, July 27 2021 18 Av 5781