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Passover Project 2023

Beth Israel has had a long tradition of ensuring that all members have a place to go during Passover for the first and second Seders. Are you having a Seder and have room at your table for guests? Are you looking for somewhere to go for one or both of the Seders? Are you all set with your arrangements and don't need any assistance? Please fill out the form below so we can help match those who need a place with those who have space. If you have any questions, please contact Barb McAnelly at

Please submit your answers by Sunday, April 2 to ensure we have time to place everyone.

Please select all options that are applicable to the Seder(s) you are hosting.
Please select the number of guests that you can accommodate at your Seder(s).
Please provide any other information about your Seder(s) that you think may be helpful to us when matching guests, such as any COVID-19 prevention practices required of guests, length of seder, etc.

Please select all options applicable for the type of Seder you are hoping to be matched with.
Please select the number of people in your party.
Please let us know any additional information about what sort of Seder you are hoping to be matched with, such as length of Seder, non-traditional, etc.

Sat, June 3 2023 14 Sivan 5783